The ShiningStars CURRICULUM

We use fun exercises and games to introduce Drama and Theatre to children as young as two years old.  Our unique curriculum triggers your child's imagination and creative spirit by encouraging them to imitate characters, objects and animals. Every month we have BIG idea with different learning objectives. Our philosophy and curriculum encourages children to be confident and expressive, talking or acting in front of others. ShiningStars is so much fun that children are excited to come to class every week. The excitement builds as they start working towards a LIVE production just for their family and friends. 


Our Monthly and Progressive Curriculum

Learning Objectives

-Speaking In Front Of A Group

-Face to Face Interaction

-Vocal Projection

-Focusing Creative Energy

-Inspiring Creativity

-Demonstrating Emotions

-Imitating Characters

-Inspire Imagination

-Language Development

-Team Work/Sharing

-Respect for Others

-Responding to Plays/Stories

-Developing Empathy

As our little ShiningStars become more comfortable with speaking in front of a group, we introduce more games and activities in a fun and non-competitive environment.  Your child will be participating in more challenging games and activities designed to reach the learning objectives listed above.