The ShiningStars ENVIRONMENT


Developing a safe, fun, & nurturing environment is critical to the advancement and success of our little ShiningStars. In fact, it's one of the core foundations of our success.  With the incorporation of the core components of Jim Fay's Love & Logic approach to working with children, we are able to provide the ideal environment where children develop personal responsibility, self-control and good decision making skills. We encourage children to be brave which sometimes involves making mistakes, and that is perfectly okay. In ShiningStars we strive for progress not perfection! 

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Our approach to working with children provides the ideal environment for our little ShiningStars to explore their bodies, express themselves creatively, learn to work well in small groups, and develop their emotional and social skills...all while progressing through our unique curriculum. 

  • Safe, Supportive & Highly Nurturing Environment

  • Fun, Creative & High Energy Environment

  • Learn At Your Own Pace, No Pressure, No Stress

  • Highly Interactive Environment With Developmental Opportunities

  • Fun & Failure are BOTH OKAY! We Learn Through Our Mistakes.